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Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi

Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi at a glance

The Kerala Social Centre (KSC) is a prominent social cultural forum of expatriates from Kerala in Abu Dhabi. The Centre Established in 1972 and it moved to the current premises in Madinat Zayed in the capital in 1996. KSC, registered with the UAE Ministry of Community Development, caters to around 4,500 people, including around 1,500 members and their family members.

The Kerala Social Centre (KSC), serving as a vibrant hub for sports and socio-cultural activities among Keralites in the capital, hosts a variety of annual events that truly showcase the essence of the community. The Jimmy George Memorial Volleyball Tournament, Winter Sports Fest, Bharath Murali Memorial Drama Festival, Youth Festival, Kathakali (a classical dance) Festival, Onam Feast, Keralolsavam, and a Summer Camp for children stand out prominently among these events.

The Centre consistently arranges engaging art and cultural programs, featuring esteemed writers, academics, and artists from India, enriching the cultural tapestry of the region. Almost every week, the Centre resonates with discussions and dialogues, bringing together thought leaders to deliberate on socio-cultural and literary advancements in India and around the globe. The literary and cultural wings of the Centre play an active role in organizing these insightful debates.

What truly distinguishes the Kerala Social Centre is the unwavering dedication of its members who selflessly volunteer to drive the association’s socio-cultural initiatives. Their selflessness and strong sense of community elevate the Centre’s endeavors beyond individual interests or ambitions, fostering a resilient and vibrant platform for Keralites to come together and celebrate their rich heritage.

Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi

Aims And Objectives

Kerala Social Centre is committed to undertaking socio-cultural and educational developmental initiatives for the betterment of the community. The primary objectives of the Forum encompass the promotion of arts, cultural education, and other enriching pursuits among its members.

Furthermore, the Forum diligently strives to advance arts, literature, and diverse social, educational, and cultural activities, while also collaborating with similar associations engaged in similar pursuits.

Relation with Authorities

The Kerala Social Centre (KSC) functions under the vigilant oversight of the Ministry of Community Development in the UAE, deriving invaluable guidance and support from this collaboration. This partnership stands as a testament to the Centre's unwavering dedication to cultivating positive and constructive ties with local authorities. Moreover, the KSC has fostered robust and enduring bonds with both the Community Police and the Indian Embassy in the UAE.

The Community Police wholeheartedly engage in conducting crucial awareness sessions, thoughtfully customized for children and parents alike. This underscores their resolute commitment to the well-being of the community. Their enthusiastic participation serves to magnify the profound impact that the Centre's initiatives have on the community.

Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi

KSC Management

The KSC is a nonprofit sharing organization having 14 managing committee memebers containing President, General Secretary, Vice president, Treasurer and other executive members for handing Arts, literature, sports, Library, Media etc. and two auditors. The duration of the committee is one year.