Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi

Malayalam Mission

Thousands of expatriate children from the South Indian state of Kerala have learnt their mother tongue at the KSC during the past four decades with the help of qualified senior Centre members who volunteered as language teachers. Every year, around 800 children attend free Malayalam language classes and many of them have even excelled in literary writing. Currently, Malayalam classes are being conducted as a part of Malayalam Mission, under the control of Public Relation Department of Government of Kerala and KSC is the Abu Dhabi head quarter of Malayalam Mission.

Reading Room & Library

The Kerala Social Centre is proud to host a comprehensive library boasting an impressive collection of approximately 14,000 books in both Malayalam and English. This remarkable assortment stands as the largest compilation of Malayalam literature outside of Kerala itself.

The shelves of our library are adorned with literary masterpieces penned by illustrious authors such as N. Kumaran Ashan, MT Vasudevan Nair, OV Vijayan, K Ayyappa Paniker, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, Kamala Surayya, and K Sachidanandan, among other luminaries. Our English language collection encompasses around 4,000 books, including significant contributions from the rulers of the UAE. The Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi offers not only an extensive array of books but also an inviting reading room adorned with a wide selection of major newspapers and periodicals. This reading room houses approximately 22 Malayalam and English periodicals, alongside a plethora of English and Malayalam newspapers. Each day, around 100 readers engage in the enriching experience of the reading room.

Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi

A significant portion of our library members comprises students, and to cater to their needs, we have initiated several programs aimed at enhancing their reading habits. Initiatives such as the "Reading Tree," distribution of birthday books, "Reader of the Year," and essay competitions serve to nurture a deep appreciation for reading among the younger generation.

In our unwavering dedication to promoting the Malayalam language and increasing the consumption of Malayalam literature, we have established a separate library within the Centre aptly named the "Malayalam Mission Library." This additional resource further underscores our commitment to fostering a community deeply engaged in the joys of reading.

The Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi is proud to offer an oasis of knowledge and literary exploration, and we invite each and every one of you to partake in this enriching experience. Together, let us celebrate the world of words, nurture reading habits, and create a legacy of lifelong learning.

Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi


Beyond academics, the Kerala Social Centre (KSC) places significant emphasis on nurturing the non-academic talents of our children. We are dedicated to enhancing their physical and mental well-being, and to that end, we offer comprehensive training in martial arts, specifically Karate. This discipline not only instills physical strength but also cultivates mental fortitude. Our approach to Karate coaching is rooted in a commitment to discipline and excellence, ensuring that each student receives the utmost guidance and supervision.

In addition to Karate, we offer a range of engaging sports activities that contribute to holistic development. A well-equipped shuttle badminton court is available, providing both entertainment and a platform for skill-building. We encourage the pursuit of indoor sports activities such as carrom and chess, which serve as avenues for intellectual growth and strategic thinking.

At the Kerala Social Centre, we firmly believe that fostering physical fitness and instilling a spirit of sportsmanship are integral aspects of a well-rounded education. We are dedicated to empowering our children with the skills, confidence, and resilience necessary to excel not only in their studies but also in their physical endeavors.

Through our multifaceted approach to sports and physical development, we aspire to create a generation that is not only academically adept but also physically robust, mentally resilient, and emotionally balanced.

Help Desk

The Centre established a help desk to guide all expatriates to join the pension and welfare schemes established by the Kerala Government. We also are giving guide lines the schemes providing the central government for the expatriate. The Centre is promoting the scheme and encourages maximum number of people to join all the plans providing central state governments.

Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi
Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi

Facilities for Students & Youth

Students’ summer and winter camps function as a part of KSC, giving entertainment together with information to the students during the summer and winter vacations. They are a real experience to the students as they provide a variety of programs presented in the most interesting way. The programs fill the students with extreme vitality and ensure the complete engrossment of students. KSC also provides career guidance classes to the students which show them a clear path to the future career. Career guidance classes are a great help for the students in deciding the future course of study and further career as they show them all potentials of edification.

KSC takes interest in the physical and mental health of the learners by providing them regular health classes. Exercises, yoga classes etc. are offered under the guidance of experts. Our more than 200 volunteers are participating every year in the yoga day conducting by Indian Embassy. We also are providing classical and western dance classes with the help of expert teachers. Also, so may children and adults studying vocal music from expert teachers.

Auditorium and Class Rooms

KSC is armed with an excellent auditorium that occupies around 1500 audience. Well-arranged seating, lighting, sounding, curtains, gents and ladies’ toilets and all other necessary facilities are available in the auditorium. Conference halls have been arranged in KSC to host official meetings and other events. Three well-arranged halls with seating facilities that supports discussions and meetings have been prepared together with the facilities of overhead projector, lighting and sounding effects that help in the effortless functioning of the conference.

Class rooms in KSC have been designed ensuring the stress free and relaxed learning environment to the students. Appropriate lighting and seating arrangements have been provided in the class together with safeguarding the privacy of the students.

Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi
Kerala Social Centre Abu Dhabi

Dance, Music and Drawing

At Kerala Social Centre, we are dedicated to nurturing the creative spirit and passion for the arts. We take immense pride in offering a wide range of classes that provide enriching experiences in dance, music, and music instruments, and Drawing.

Discover the joy of movement and expression through our vibrant dance classes. Our experienced instructors are well-versed in various dance forms, including classical, contemporary, folk, and more. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced dancer seeking to refine your skills, our dance classes cater to all levels. Join us and let the rhythm guide you on a journey of grace and self-discovery.

Unleash the power of melodies and harmonies through our music classes. From vocal training to instrumental lessons, our talented music instructors are here to nurture your talent and love for music. Whether you dream of singing on stage or playing an instrument with finesse, our music classes offer comprehensive training and performance opportunities to help you reach your musical aspirations.

Unleash your imagination and explore the world of drawing with our inspiring classes. Our experienced and skilled instructors are artists themselves, well-versed in various drawing techniques and styles. Whether you are a beginner taking your first strokes or an aspiring artist seeking to refine your skills, our drawing classes cater to all levels and age groups.


In May 1986, the KSC magazine ‘PRAVASI’ published a new history, a publication of the Kerala Social Centre. Every year the Centre publishes the “Pravasi” and this book is rich in creative works.